Introducing Functional Stability™

What if there was a way to limit JOINT impact and reduce future injuries? Current bracing standards rely on joint restriction and the transfer of risk to other joints. FUNCTIONAL STABILITY maintains the proper kinetic chain and offers OPTIMAL SUPPORT at the affected joint’s end range of motion without inhibiting performance. By mimicking the natural movement of the body and utilizing functional stability, our bracing provides dynamic support that DELIVERS SUPERIOR, ELEVATED RESULTS.


The revolutionary ankle brace that encourages elevated performance while limiting fear of injury.


The simple, innovative solution to
shoulder joint instability.


The ingenious solution to ankle bracing
in cleated competition.

Creating Solutions for the Active…

Runner. Grandmother. Professional Athlete. Recovering Athlete. Father. Weekend Warrior. Mother. Roadrunner. Weightlifter. Powerwalker. Skier. Grandfather. Ultra-Marathoner. HUMAN BEING



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