A single IFAST viewed from the left.
A pair of IFAST viewed from the front left.
A single IFAST viewed from the bottom.
A pair of IFAST viewed from the back.


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Low Profile
Fits in Any Shoe
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Level of Support
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Reduces Risk
of Injuries


Developed with the body in mind, the IFAST is the only dynamic ankle stabilizer. The IFAST moves the way the body moves and protects the way the body protects. Designed for movement, the IFAST fits easily inside your shoe or boot providing ankle protection without compromising performance.



Care Guide

Tested Performance

Trusted By Athletes

The IFAST has been rigorously tested in the lab and is trusted by thousands of athletes and teams, all counting on the IFAST to protect their ankles without restricting their performance.

Fast Technology

Built from Anatomy

FAST stands for Functional Anatomical Stabilizing Technology. This methodology is inspired by the body to move the way athletes move and protect the way the body protects. The primary three parts of the IFAST are each designed to mimic a part of the body.

Part 1: Tension System | Ligaments

Customizable Support

Incorporated into the IFAST is a synthetic ligament. Using specially selected materials, the tension systems behave like the ligaments in the body. Built into the tension system is an adjustable tension cord that allows for a customizable level of support.

Part 2: The Cuffs | Bone

Built for Protection

The IFAST uses an upper and lower cuff to secure the device to the ankle. By using a material slightly more sturdy than the tension system, these cuffs act like the bone and keep all motion and protection focused at the ankle joint.

Part 3: Compression Sleeve | Skin

Comfort Fitting

Keeping the body protected and compressed is the skin. The IFAST compression sleeve acts as the skin, surrounding the ankle joint, keeping it warm and mobile.

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