The IFAST ​​is a patented, revolutionary exo-performance ankle product that encourages elevated performance while limiting fear of injury. Created with functional stability, the ​IFAST ​provides custom, dynamic support for hardcourt athletes pre- or post-injury. Unlike traditional bracing, the ​IFAST is designed with superior materials that foster the body’s organic movement. The ​IFAST transitions with the athlete from the beginning of practice to the end of competition without wearing down when support is needed the most.



  • Mimics the body’s natural movement
  • Provides functional stability
  • Superior design and materials
  • Supportive

Scope of Application

  • Prophylactic ankle protection
  • Acute or chronic ankle sprains
  • Ankle instabilities
  • Anterior ankle impingement
  • Deltoid ligament ankle sprains
  • Edema
  • Effusions of joints, ankle, and foot
  • Stiffness
  • Strains of peroneal tendon
  • Among others


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“The ARYSE braces allow more movement and flexibility than any others I’ve tried. I used to hate ankle braces, but I love these and actually want to wear them because of the safety and comfort they provide.”

-High School Volleyball Player

“One men’s basketball player is using and feels like he isn’t even wearing anything while still getting the full benefits of the brace. He doesn’t like bracing or taping and is enjoying these braces”

-Tony T., UNO Basketball Athletic Trainer


Watch American Ninja Warrior Maggi Thorne share her story and why she is passionate about helping athletes. #aryseup®

Size Chart

Size Measurement
X Small Men’s Shoe Size: up to 7
Women’s Shoe Size: up to 8.5
Small Men’s Shoe Size: 7.5 – 9
Women’s Shoe Size: 9 – 10.5
Medium Men’s Shoe Size: 9.5 – 11
Women’s Shoe Size: 11 – 12.5
Large Men’s Shoe Size: 11.5 – 13
Women’s Shoe Size: 13 – 14.5
X Large Men’s Shoe Size: 13.5 – 15
Women’s Shoe Size: 15 – 16.5
2X Large Men’s Shoe Size: 15.5 and up
Women’s Shoe Size: 17 and up

Product Materials

Thermoplastic polyurethane, neoprene, lycra, nylon, zinc, nickel, leather

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What if there was a way to limit the potential for injury while still elevating your performance? Current bracing standards rely on joint restriction and the transfer of impact to prevent injury; compromising healthy joints and causing additional injuries. Our solution is to limit impact at the source and reduce future injuries through functional stability. Functional stability maintains the proper kinetic chain and offers optimal support at the affected joint’s end range of motion without inhibiting performance. By utilizing functional stability, our bracing provides dynamic support that delivers superior, elevated results.

  • Limits injury
  • Stabilizes joints
  • Provides dynamic support
  • Mimics the body's natural movement
  • Delivers protection without inhibiting performance
  • Offers a range of motion support