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IFAST Highlights

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Low Profile
Fits in Any Shoe

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Level of Support

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Reduces Risk
of Injuries


Developed with the body in mind, the IFAST is the only dynamic ankle stabilizer. The IFAST moves the way athletes move and protects the way the body protects. The IFAST fits easily inside any shoe giving athletes ankle protection without compromising performance.

Care Guide

To ensure the longest life of the product, hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap. Rinse well, making sure to remove all soap residue, and air dry.


Materials: Thermoplastic polyurethane, Neoprene, Lycra, Nylon, Zinc, Nickel, Leather

Fit: If you are between sizes, use the smaller size.

Pair or Single: We always recommend pairs; keep both ankles healthy.


professional basketball player Joel Berry

Tested Performance

Trusted By Athletes

The IFAST has been rigorously tested in the lab and is trusted by thousands of athletes and teams, all counting on the IFAST to protect their ankles without restricting their performance.

Fast Technology

Built from Anatomy

FAST stands for Functional Anatomical Stabilizing Technology. This methodology is inspired by the body to move the way athletes move and protect the way the body protects. The primary three parts of the IFAST are designed to mimic a part of the body.

close-up of ifast support system

Part 1: Tension System | Ligaments

Customizable Support

Incorporated into the IFAST is a synthetic ligament. Using specially selected materials, the tension systems behave like the ligaments in the body. Built into the tension system is an adjustable tension cord that allows for a customizable level of support.

close-up of ifast cuffs

Part 2: The Cuffs | Bone

Built for Protection

The IFAST uses an upper and lower cuff to secure the device to the ankle. By using a material slightly more sturdy then the tension system, these cuffs act like the bone and keep all motion and protection focused at the ankle joint.

close-up of ifast compression sleeve

Part 3: Compression Sleeve | Skin

Comfort Fitting

Keeping the body protected and compressed is the skin. The IFAST compression sleeve acts as the skin, surrounding the ankle joint, keeping it warm and mobile.

Reviews from IFAST Users

61 reviews for IFAST®

  1. Brianna S.

    I just wanna say after two days I am already in love with these braces. I have been using ASO since 7th grade because I have had incessant ankle problems ever since I started sports, and I have never really liked wearing them. I would come off of a 3 hour practice, volleyball or basketball, and feel pain all around my ankle and fatigue in my legs more than usual. I found myself working endlessly to strengthen my ankle so I wouldn’t have to wear the braces during practices and games. Obviously, that wasn’t a choice for me, so I just had to tough it out. Using the IFAST braces over these past few days have made me feel so much more secure and comfortable during conditioning and practices. I love that I feel freedom, but also support in both of my ankles. Volleyball is a very shifty, fast moving sport, so I know these braces are going to help improve the way I play.

  2. Annie T.

    The brace works well for me so far. I like that it is smaller than most ankle braces I’ve worn. I am using it for running which most braces are too big or too stiff and wearing to work. No issues so far. I was recommended the brace by a friend who is an athletic trainer, she has used them with her athletes and said they liked it a lot.

  3. Austin M.

    I just wanna thank you guys for the braces! They’re by far the best I’ve ever had. After spraining my ankle three weeks ago thinking I wouldn’t be able to cut and run, the ankle braces gave me a lot more support than I thought and helped me tremendously in being able to run and cut! I use them everyday when I workout and when I’m running or doing football drills. You guys did a great job of making it fit almost like a shoe. I can’t really tell I have it on sometimes because it feels like it’s a part of my cleats or shoes I’m wearing. It gives great support and is the best ankle brace I’ve worn yet. Thank you guys so much.

  4. Ashton C.

    The IFASTs are a life saver! I sprained my ankle multiple times in junior high and once I started wearing the IFAST I didn’t have a single ankle injury for 4 straight years of high school basketball!

  5. Kevin O.

    Last year we used the ARYSE ankle braces for our basketball team and the players loved them! They were much more durable and comfortable than the bulky lace up braces we had used for years. The price point of their products established through the partnership with NJCAA has been great for our budget as well. We are sold fully on ARYSE products.

  6. Isaac H.

    Great quality

  7. Phillisha

    Loves the benefits 😊

  8. Carmen ortiz

    No comment



  10. Morgan

    It’s a good product but the price it’s not affordable for everyone

  11. Cliff

    These braces are the best I have ever used! I’m a member of the US Special Operations community and a kinesiologist as well, and the design of these braces is brilliant. I tell all of my teammates about these, and the physical therapists we have love them as well. If you’re on the fence about purchasing these braces, don’t be. Do yourself a favor and order them now!

  12. Bonnie Frink


  13. Bonnie Frink

    Great would love to try.

  14. Orlando


  15. Anisa Hillman Nov. 5,2020 (verified owner)

    These braces have helped so much!! I need surgery on one of my ankles, but its not an option right now as I work in health care and are low staffed! My surgeon recommended these to get me by until I could have it done and I’m glad he did!! I am Not a brace fan, but these have been a life saver for me in a time like this…Well worth the money.

  16. Joseph Patton (verified owner)

    This is easily a hundred dollar brace! I have an an ankle at around 70% from an old injury, and it regularly makes itself known! The iFAST is so minimal, natural, and unnoticeable that its a welcome addition to my life. Seriously if I had to send another 50 to keep it, I would in a heartbeat!

  17. Kaden Tyler Jolley (verified owner)

    If you want a comfortable ankle brace that somehow still allows a lot of support, look no further and buy the IFAST. I’ve used them a few times while playing basketball and it gives me a lot of confidence to ball out without worrying my ankles will snap in half.

  18. Andrew D.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better ankle brace. Shoutout to ARYSE for making this superior performance bracing available to me. I will never use another brace. Thank you ARYSE!

  19. James (verified owner)

    I sprain my ankles a lot because of bad genes and playing a lot of basketball as a youth. Over the decades I’ve collected a fixed brace, which is ideal immediately after a sprain, and a bulky hinged plastic brace with an inner sleeve, which is very protective of the ankle and allows for limited mobility. So I bought the IFAST as a brace to allow for more mobility, to wear in most of my shoes, and to wear in the future during activities that risk injury. After wearing it for a couple weeks, I’m confident about its ability to do that and more—I’m not sure I even need that bulky hinged brace anymore.

    When I first saw an ad for the IFAST, I was somewhat skeptical of its ability to protect my ankles from rolling given its size, design, and materials. However, the tension system really does work. When I lace it tight, it’s really stiff. When I lace it loose, it allows full mobility yet resists rolls. Again, I think it might make my hinged plastic brace obsolete. I realize that this review might sound too positive, and I’ll admit that its tone is a bit biased. I’ll touch on the reason for that next, but the brace really does work well.

    On top of having a superb product, Aryse has excellent customer service. Their Instagram account manager is very responsive and answered several of my questions when I was on the fence abut the product. I found a Black Friday coupon code the day after I ordered and they honored it. They accidentally sent me two braces instead of the one I ordered. After wearing it for a while I decided I wanted to keep the second one to prevent injuries to both ankles when I do risky activities, and asked them how they’d like to settle the bill. They told me I could keep it for free! So while their shipping department may not have the best QC process, their customer service is what every company should strive for. I couldn’t be happier with this product and company.

  20. winston jaojoco

    im trying this item

  21. Mike

    My son has been playing at the highest level of volleyball for his age group for the last 3 years. He rolled his ankle just before a tournament. The goal was to get him back on the court as soon as possible, with the focus of avoiding injuries. Believing he has a long future playing volleyball we want to make sure he has the support needed to stay on the court. I showed these to his physical therapist, and he said they looked good as an aid to recovery. Through the PT plan he has work he does without the brace, but for added support on the high impact and lateral movements, he puts on the IFAST brace. He says they are comfortable and feels like he can still do the movements for each exercise.
    Costumer service was great. Email got me a faster response than the phone call. When we first got the brace, it seemed to small according to the size recommendation on the website. I requested to get an exchange for the next size up. Costumer service emailed me back and shared a technique to put the brace on, which worked perfectly. They also reassured me that if it was still too tight, that they were willing to make the exchange.
    I am happy with the purchase and the costumer service. My physical therapist is also impressed with the design.

  22. Neil (verified owner)

    My son has worn ankle braces for going on 3 years now. The AYRSE has been hands down the best product he has used. He loves the comfort and support. Great product and great customer service.

  23. Jordan Buon (verified owner)

    I love these braces. 10 months ago I partially tore multiple ligaments & completely ruptured a ligament on my left ankle. When I started playing ball again I rolled the other ankle. (“Bad pair of shoes :/ ) …. After recovering from the second injury I decided to wear ankle braces every time I play basketball. The braces I have been wearing have been protecting me from injury but they are extremely restrictive. So I decided to take a chance on these Aryse braces & my initial impression is I love them!

    They are extremely thin, slide right into your shoe & they are very comfortable. Honestly I could barely feel them. I had a whole new range of motion that I wasn’t getting with any other ankle braces. They seem to allow you ankle to move pretty freely when flexing forward & back but does not seem to allow as much movement sideways which is meant to prevent you from rolling your ankle. This allowed me to play better & I actually felt like I was finally getting the opportunity to safely build strength back in my ankle.

    The only con I can think of is the sock portion of the brace is pretty challenging to put on. I am a size 9 so I got a small & it fits great but it is hard to put it on but overall I’m happy I went with a small.

    Lastly to sum it all up, these are light weight, nonintrusive and form fitting. Idk because I’ve never rolled my ankle in them but as long as they will actually protect me when/if I ever roll my ankle, I love everything else about them!

  24. Kris (verified owner)

    This company has the best customer service! They were quick to respond and very helpful. My son is a basketball player and uses their ankle braces and tells me how much better these are than any other brand. I would recommend these to anyone and I’m so glad we found this company!

  25. Isaac O’Neill (verified owner)

    I am in high school and I love these they give me so much support but not to much. They are super light and flexible also. But sometimes the bottoms of them dig into the arch of my foot but after situating them a little bit they are great. I 10 out of 10 recommend this product for athletes.

  26. San Juan Rodriguez

    Pretty nice 🙂

  27. Pia McCusker (verified owner)

    I’ve tried every type of ankle support to help my ankles when playing tennis. Most are bulky (with sock in shoes), stiff (especially on the sides of the foot), and overall uncomfortable. ARYSE solved these issues – being light, flexible and comfortable in the shoe. The biggest test is being able to play singles tennis with them and providing support as I run side to side. I have played with them only 4 times thus far (thanks to Covid lockdown on and off) and they work effectively! Usually my ankles hurt and are killing me after matches but not with the ARYSE; they provide comfortable support that I have not found in any other products. While it is a little pricey, it is worth every penny to save my ankles.

  28. Barb Odell (verified owner)

    I fractured my ankle and got a medical boot that has been way difficult to move around in. After a couple weeks in it I purchased a pair of these braces. I put one on the fractured ankle foot and immediately felt more support than what the boot provided, especially as the swelling went down. The medical boot made my gait uneven and that brought on other issues so having just this brace on has solved that issue. And I’ve been able to get back to my daily routine, walking, riding a bike, driving a car. With the boot that would have been more difficult. I still need a second set of X-rays to determine how well I’m healing. I’m feeling like I’ll get a good report since with the brace I haven’t turned my ankle again. I can even wear it in bed and don’t even know it’s on. Wasn’t the case with that big boot.

  29. Julie Larson (verified owner)

    My daughter kept straining her ankle and it was affecting her playing time for basketball. I found these when I was researching ankle braces on Google. My biggest concern was finding a brace that she could still keep good range of motion with. These absolutely do that. She really likes them. At first she got cramps in her feet with them, but that went away.

  30. Steven (verified owner)

    I’m a former NFL athlete and collegiate basketball player who still has a pick-up basketball addiction. I have used other ankle supports in the past, but am really enjoying my IFAST ankle supports for the past month. The IFAST is comfortable and provides excellent support for my 6’5” 300lb frame. Thanks for “keeping me in the game!”

  31. Clyde Moore

    Support good

  32. Kari M (verified owner)

    I’ve owned an ASO brace for about 10 years now and while it certainly did its job, I was looking for something to replace it after a recent ankle surgery meant I will likely need a brace for any high impact sport down the road.

    The design is streamlined and compact, but doesn’t sacrifice support.
    It’s not a challenge to put on a tennis shoe or any type of cleat with this brace.
    The tension systems provides the ability to adjust the level of support to match the activity intensity.
    Aryse staff and support are responsive and helpful.

    You will likely have to stretch out the compression sleeve to get it on if you are at the larger end of shoe size in relation to brace size. The sleeve was very tight and difficult to get on the first few times, but is better now. If you are looking to use this immediately after a sprained ankle, I suspect you’ll have better luck with an ASO type brace.
    The lower cuff (plastic frame) may take some getting used to for some individuals, but I find I don’t notice it’s there anymore. If you are worried about this – check out their XFAST brace.

    I’m happy with my decision to purchase this brace. I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons and I much prefer it to my ASO brace.

  33. Collin Cooley (verified owner)

    I’ve hyperextended both knees and torn ligaments in my ankles in addition to having problems in my arches. Needless to say I’ve never been able to find a comfortable or effective brace… until now. By far the most comfortable and useful brace I’ve ever owned. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

  34. Angelina Hunt (verified owner)

    Not the cheapest, but the quality makes up for it. super lightweight and has been so helpful with my recovery of a sprained ankle. -a gymnast, dancer, & cheerleader

  35. Andrea Wiest (verified owner)

    Bought these for my son who has ankle problems with both feet. He is a basketball player. He loves the style of them and how light they are. Loves how they are not bulky. He is having a hard time getting them adjusted to his foot correctly. Seems to either be too tight or too loose. Has given him blisters. Hoping that he toughs it out and continues to wear these over his other braces that he has to see if it gets better. But I also understand how hard it is to wear a brace that gives him blisters each time. The customer service for the company has been wonderful in answering all our questions and giving suggestions on how to best fit the brace.

  36. Mel (verified owner)

    This is my jam. I have bad sciatica pain which has caused permanent pain in my left ankle. It’s left me, at times, barely able to stand and walk. With this brace, I literally got my life back. I go on walks for miles to rebuild up my strength and use it if my ankle is killing me. It works way better than wrap bandages, compression socks, and the other braces I’ve gotten for my ankle. Highly recommended! I can’t wait to go snowboarding with this on… because I now can. Thank you, ARYSE!

  37. Peter (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing ankle braces while playing basketball for years, to the point that it doesn’t bother me (I typically use the rather bulky ZAMST braces). Still, the idea of this “activate when necessary” brace appealed to me so I decided to buy it. After a couple uses I like the feel, I feel a bit more free and (fingers crossed) no injury yet, despite my rather weakened ankles.

    Also, customer support was very helpful when my first order got lost in the mail. Jade was able to send me another pair at no additional cost, it was very kind of her/ARYSE.

  38. Dani (verified owner)

    Worth every penny and much more!! I’m aware that it’s purpose designed for athletes, I bought a pair of IFAST for daily use to help with fatigue. I work as a project manger being on my feet on job sites every other day is exhausting. I could not be happier, I feel fresh even after a long day. Wish I could have found about ARYSE earlier.

  39. Dani (verified owner)

    I’ve been using ARYSE IFAST since yesterday. I’m a project manager my days consist of constantly being on my feet walking from job site to job site. I can’t tell you how good I feel. I’m more than happy with my purchase. Not only is it a great product but the customer support is incredible. FedEx couldn’t have dropped the ball in a worst way but you came through unbelievably fast and efficiently.

    I mean it sincerely thank you!!

  40. Adam (verified owner)

    Very comfortable! Sizing is a bit weird, so just give them a call to verify size. I wear it in my hiking boots and can’t feel the plastic on the bottom because of the built in compression sleeve which is a huge plus. Would recommend to anyone

  41. Byron Monahan (verified owner)

    IFAST ankle braces are incredible! I have one bad ankle that I roll a lot. I have been looking at these braces but had not purchased yet. Sure enough, two days before a three day pickleball camp I roll my ankle hiking. I went home and placed an order immediately with overnight shipping. The braces arrived and I have been wearing them to camp. They provide excellent support and I am a big fan of the technology in these braces! Super comfortable and easy to adjust. I will be wearing these almost every day! Thank you!!!

  42. Jean Toomey (verified owner)

    My left foot pronates and I roll it easily. I find it super helpful with my stability with walking, lifting and on uneven terrain (hiking).
    The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is that the inner brackets/rivets hit my bone making it uncomfortable and have had to cover the brackets with a double layer of moleskin. If this could be addressed I think you’d have a 5 star product.

  43. ray coller (verified owner)

    I bought one and it has helped me but I am 65 and have a club foot I am on ssd and I wish I had the money to buy another one but I don’t have it I wish it would be covered by Medicare it would be a blessing.

    • ARYSE (verified owner)

      Hi Ray! You may be able to get these products covered by Medicare. Someone from the ARYSE team will be reaching out to you by e-mail.

  44. Jennifer

    Could you tell if these run small? I have never bought them before and my daughter plays basketball

    • ARYSE (verified owner)

      Hi Jennifer, thank you for your question! Our customer service team sent you an e-mail.

  45. Lexi Westover

    These braces are the absolute best! I got mine today and they fit and work perfect. I’m a size 7 and got a size xs. My ankles feel so stable and comfortable in them. Yes I was a little iffy about buying them because of the price. I will say they are so worth it, these braces are absolute lifesavers. Definitely wish I found out about these sooner, would’ve saved my feet in softball so many times.

  46. andy mowell (verified owner)

    This product is amazingly comfortable and works better than expected. The material is very comfortable and easy to maintain. Very well pleased with this product as it works exactly as described.

  47. Charles Strait (verified owner)

    All of my life I have had bad ankles. My left is so bad I often go clear to the ground just by stepping on uneven ground. I just tried the IFAST for the first time today. Played 18 holes of golf, my ankle never rolled over. I can’t believe I finally found a brace that works.

  48. Sumner Smith (verified owner)

    These things are amazing. I’m a 48 year old female trail runner – my ankles are SUPER loose after repeated ankle sprains over the years, and I was about to give up on trail running altogether after another bad sprain over the winter. These braces are a game changer – they have as much lateral stability as tape, but without locking your ankle into one place – still have the ability to move your foot up and down. And they’re much more comfortable than tape. I also like them more than the compression sleeve/figure 8 braces that are out there – they provide a lot more stability, and concentrate the support where it’s needed. Yes, the lace up brace is a little bit of a pain to put on, but much quicker than tape, and a whole lot easier than dealing with an ankle sprain. I’m a huge fan of these braces.

  49. Lauren

    I have yet to buy this product and have not seen any reviews from track and field athletes. My daughter tends to roll her ankle a lot and is tired of always having to tape up. I want to know if this brace would be a good fit for her and the small/thin build of running spikes. If anyone has insights, please let me know!

  50. Isabelle Anderson

    I got my IFAST braces an couple of months ago and I’m in love, they are super comfortable and supportive. Better than any brace I’ve tried.

  51. Lucas MacMillan

    I have intermittently sprained my ankles from age 14. I have worn ankle braces in the shoe, and got my ankle taped, which helped but was very uncomfortable. Once I switched to the IFAST braces I will NEVER go back to anything less. The moment I put them on my ankles felt incredibly strong, the brace does not restrict motion and I have confidence I will not roll my ankle. I highly recommend this product.

  52. Connor (verified owner)

    Unlike any other ankle brace I’ve used before. I’ve struggled the better part of the last year with ankle tendinitis and swelling/soreness after a bad ankle sprain. It’s made it really difficult to continually work out/play basketball at a high level. I bought this ankle brace just last week and it arrived within 3 days. Today was the first day I used the brace to play basketball and it was a noticeable difference. Not only did I have all my range of motion but I also had great support/compression that I needed. Today was the first day in months that I’ve been able to play basketball without soreness afterward. Really can’t say enough about Ifast so far!

  53. Jesse Showalter (verified owner)

    The Eyelet for the laces rubs against my ankle bone, causing pain. I ordered a size small. Maybe they are too small. I wear size 8 and ordered a size 8. Other than that I do have a lot of support while skateboarding.

  54. Michael W Durham (verified owner)

    I’m amazed at how fast I adjusted to the feel of this ankle lace up brace. It’s surprisingly comfortable with shoe and sock with no irritation to my foot, provides the support that I needed to rebuild my ankle. Growing up in Lincoln and living in Phoenix now when I stumbled across the website for ARYSE I had to show my appreciation and now I will promote to my other colleagues the ARYSE products. Thank You

  55. Bill

    I am curious, I have a chronically torn ATFL ligament, will this brace help support this type of injury during exercise, specifically running and jumping?

  56. Luke (verified owner)

    I have years of basketball mileage on my ankles & knees. IFAST ankle braces and knee compression sleeves immediately provided comfortable support, stability, and increased strength. What I didn’t expect was how much extra bounce came along with it. I love it!

  57. Josh Lovelady (verified owner)

    Purchased these for my daughter who is recovering from a volleyball injury that stretched the tendons in her ankle. These have helped her track season as she strengthens her ankle back up without hindering her sprinting. She’ll be using them for volleyball as well. Thank you.

  58. Michelle Ann Hahn (verified owner)

    It’s a miracle for me to wear this brace,had distal fibia fracture and after cast came off the brace my doc recommended didn’t help much at all. I recieved my ifast 5 days ago and it’s helped me tremendously, im building strength and flexibility, less pain. I’d recommend it to anyone with ankle problems.

  59. K. Shell (verified owner)

    These braces are a life saver! After multiple traumatic injuries to my ankle last year, I bought the iFASTs to wear on both ankles as a preventative measure for future injury. I wear them any time I am working out. I have been running frequently trying to build my leg strength back up and ran my first half marathon yesterday! No ankle pain afterward and minimal blistering. My only critique so far is that after just 2 weeks of owning them, the sleeve is already showing signs of wear on the heel area. They are not made to allow you to replace this part because it is sewn to the brace itself. I really hope they stay intact! They’re a great product overall!

  60. TKT (verified owner)

    My son was scheduled to attend a college football prospects camp when he injured his ankle. Couldn’t participate in his track and field events and we were afraid he wouldn’t be able to attend the football camp. Saw these and decided to give them a try. He was immediately able to compete in his jumping events and gained personal records in his 40 and standing long jump at the football prospects camp. One of the trainers at the camp saw him putting the braces on and came over to study them and ask about them. Don’t be surprised if a major college football program contacts you! Highly recommend these.

  61. Melissa Andrade (verified owner)

    I can run again! I injured a tendon in my foot and haven’t been able to run for more than six months. I’m starting slowly, but because of this brace, I’m hitting the pavement again!! I LOVE IT.

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