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The IFAST ​​is a patented, revolutionary exo-performance ankle product that encourages elevated performance while limiting fear of injury. Created with functional stability, the ​IFAST ​provides custom, dynamic support for hardcourt athletes pre- or post-injury. Unlike traditional bracing, the ​IFAST is designed with superior materials that foster the body’s organic movement. The ​IFAST transitions with the athlete from the beginning of practice to the end of competition without wearing down when support is needed the most.

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5 reviews for IFAST®

  1. Brianna S.

    I just wanna say after two days I am already in love with these braces. I have been using ASO since 7th grade because I have had incessant ankle problems ever since I started sports, and I have never really liked wearing them. I would come off of a 3 hour practice, volleyball or basketball, and feel pain all around my ankle and fatigue in my legs more than usual. I found myself working endlessly to strengthen my ankle so I wouldn’t have to wear the braces during practices and games. Obviously, that wasn’t a choice for me, so I just had to tough it out. Using the IFAST braces over these past few days have made me feel so much more secure and comfortable during conditioning and practices. I love that I feel freedom, but also support in both of my ankles. Volleyball is a very shifty, fast moving sport, so I know these braces are going to help improve the way I play.

  2. Annie T.

    The brace works well for me so far. I like that it is smaller than most ankle braces I’ve worn. I am using it for running which most braces are too big or too stiff and wearing to work. No issues so far. I was recommended the brace by a friend who is an athletic trainer, she has used them with her athletes and said they liked it a lot.

  3. Austin M.

    I just wanna thank you guys for the braces! They’re by far the best I’ve ever had. After spraining my ankle three weeks ago thinking I wouldn’t be able to cut and run, the ankle braces gave me a lot more support than I thought and helped me tremendously in being able to run and cut! I use them everyday when I workout and when I’m running or doing football drills. You guys did a great job of making it fit almost like a shoe. I can’t really tell I have it on sometimes because it feels like it’s a part of my cleats or shoes I’m wearing. It gives great support and is the best ankle brace I’ve worn yet. Thank you guys so much.

  4. Ashton C.

    The IFASTs are a life saver! I sprained my ankle multiple times in junior high and once I started wearing the IFAST I didn’t have a single ankle injury for 4 straight years of high school basketball!

  5. Kevin O.

    Last year we used the ARYSE ankle braces for our basketball team and the players loved them! They were much more durable and comfortable than the bulky lace up braces we had used for years. The price point of their products established through the partnership with NJCAA has been great for our budget as well. We are sold fully on ARYSE products.

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Size Measurement
X Small Men’s Shoe Size: up to 7
Women’s Shoe Size: up to 8.5
Small Men’s Shoe Size: 7.5 – 9
Women’s Shoe Size: 9 – 10.5
Medium Men’s Shoe Size: 9.5 – 11
Women’s Shoe Size: 11 – 12.5
Large Men’s Shoe Size: 11.5 – 13
Women’s Shoe Size: 13  – 14.5
X Large Men’s Shoe Size: 13.5 – 15
Women’s Shoe Size: 15 – 16.5
2X Large Men’s Shoe Size: 15.5 and up
Woman’s Shoe Size: 17 and up
  • Mimics the body’s natural movement
  • Provides functional stability
  • Superior design and materials
  • Supportive

  • Prophylactic ankle protection
  • Acute or chronic ankle sprains
  • Ankle instabilities
  • Anterior ankle impingement
  • Deltoid ligament ankle sprains
  • Edema
  • Effusions of joints, ankle, and foot
  • Stiffness
  • Strains of peroneal tendon
  • Among others
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Neoprene
  • Lycra
  • Nylon
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Leather

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