A single IFAST viewed from the left.
A pair of IFAST viewed from the front left.
A single IFAST viewed from the bottom.
A pair of IFAST viewed from the back.


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Outline of a shoe with an IFAST inside.
Low Profile
Fits in Any Shoe
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Level of Support
Outline of an ankle being sprained.
Reduces Risk
of Injuries
Developed with the body in mind, the IFAST is the only dynamic ankle stabilizer. The IFAST moves the way the body moves and protects the way the body protects. Designed for movement, the IFAST fits easily inside your shoe or boot providing ankle protection without compromising performance.

Meet The IFAST®

Unparalleled Performance

As the only dynamic ankle stabilizer, the IFAST is designed and built to precisely mimic your anatomy. Giving the support and performance you need to move confidently.

98% Max Vertical

Be More You

With the IFAST you keep your performance. In fact, you’ll keep 98.3%* of your max vertical jump, thats 18% more of your vertical than traditional ankle braces.

Super Low Profile

Easy Fit

Designed to fit inside virtually any shoe, the IFAST is incredibly low profile, coming in at only 3mm thick.

Built From Anatomy

Inspired By You

The IFAST is composed of 3 main components, each designed to mimic your ankles’ anatomy. The upper and lower act as your bones, the sleeve acts like your skin, and the tension system works like the ligaments in your body.

Trusted By Athletes

Tested Performance

"The IFAST gives me the chance and the ability to be able to make sure I’m being proactive with supporting my ankles and making sure that I’m taking that step in protecting my body." — Joel Berry II

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