A single XFAST on a cleat viewed from the left.
A pair of XFAST on cleats viewed from the front left.
A single XFAST on a cleat viewed from the bottom.
A pair of XFAST on cleats viewed from the back.


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Outline of a cleat with an XFAST outside.
Onto Cleat
Outline of three customization sliders.
Level of Support
Outline of an ankle being sprained.
Reduces Risk
of Injuries
The XFAST brings new protection to the cleat world. Similar to the IFAST, the XFAST mimics anatomy, giving athletes access to their full range of motion while also giving them a precise and customizable level of protection. By integrating into the cleat, the XFAST converts the entire cleat into a stabilizing device for the athlete’s ankle joint.

Part 1: Tension System | Ligaments

Customizable Support

Incorporated into the XFAST is a synthetic ligament. Using specially selected materials, the tension systems behave like the ligaments in the body. Built into the tension system is an adjustable tension cord that allows for a customizable level of support.

Part 2: The Cuffs | Bone

Built for Protection

The XFAST uses an upper and lower cuff to secure the device to the ankle. By using a material slightly more sturdy then the tension system, these cuffs act like the bone and keep all motion and protection focused at the ankle joint.

Part 3: Compression Sleeve | Skin

Comfort Fitting

Keeping the body protected and compressed is the skin. The XFAST compression sleeve acts as the skin, surrounding the ankle joint, keeping it warm and mobile.

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