Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Alexander Carlson

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ARYSE, Alexander leads the marketing and sales teams with goal-oriented focus and compelling influence. A passionate advocate for innovation, he saw transforming the current orthopedic bracing industry as an opportunity to positively impact others. Joining with leading innovators on the ARYSE team, Alexander has played a key role in redesigning bracing both aesthetically and functionally to elevate the performance of patients and athletes alike.

After graduating from Grand Canyon University, Alexander bought a home in Scottsdale with his wife, Esther. The couple stayed in Arizona several years prior to moving back to Lincoln and welcoming their son, Turner. Alexander enjoys golf, coaching tennis, and time with his family.


Alexander strives to be the best and works diligently to exceed expectations. His understanding of the bracing market drives him to not only make a competitive product but one that surpasses current industry standards.


A believer in the power of win-win relationships, Alexander is able to quickly relate to others and create beneficial partnerships.


Alexander is able to generate pathways to solutions. Whether it is creating a new direction or revamping an existing process, his strategic nature has been a critical component of advancing the ARYSE product line.


To be exceptional in his field, Alexander recognizes the importance of associating with like-minded achievers who continually reach their goal of being known and valued.


Alexander’s unrelenting focus is what drives him to take direction, follow through, and navigate change to stay on track. This focus is what the ARYSE marketing and sales team looks to in order to decipher their next steps.