Bethany Colson

As President of ARYSE, Bethany develops and implements strategic processes that move the brand’s vision forward. Bethany leads the ARYSE team by example with unrelenting determination and passion-led focus. Her high-capacity nature has been a key contributor to the early growth and success of ARYSE.

A native of Kansas, Bethany moved to Nebraska for college and met her husband, Trevor. After purchasing a home in Lincoln, the couple welcomed a Mini Goldendoodle, Higgins (named after Steve Higgins from The Tonight Show), to their family. The oldest of three girls, Bethany loves visiting her family and hunting with her dad or fishing.


Bethany is driven by productivity and efficiency. Her ability to navigate the challenges of a new brand has been an asset to the ARYSE team.


Bethany believes in developing a better way forward. With her help, ARYSE is able to quickly transition ideas to action.


Bethany leads the ARYSE team with effective communication and clear direction.


Bethany recognizes and cultivates potential in others. With a strong sense of vision, Bethany inspires and motivates the ARYSE team to continually pursue excellence.


An intentional learner, Bethany is able to collect imperative information and apply judgement to keep the growth of ARYSE on track.