Owner | CEO

Bryan Carlson

Bryan’s relentless focus and drive make him not only an accomplished CEO but an influential visionary leader. After 17 years serving and growing a nonprofit organization, he was ready for the next challenge. Bryan helped start our first company in 2011 and has since established numerous win-win business partnerships through the vertical integration of several start-ups. With a vision that never strays from the big picture, he has gained a reputation as a successful entrepreneur. Bryan transitions thought into action with a sense of urgency and decisive thinking. As one of the members of the ARYSE leadership team, Bryan encourages the team to act on innovative, creative ideas.

Bryan has been married to his wife, Jonica, for twenty-five years. The couple raised their four boys in Holland, Nebraska, where Bryan built the family’s dream home. Bryan is also a pilot who enjoys flying teammates to business meetings. When he is not architecting win-win business partnerships, Bryan is either flying or having friends and family over to enjoy a Husker football game.


With endless stamina that continually raises his productivity to unprecedented heights, Bryan sets the bar high for the ARYSE team to work diligently toward their goals to exceed industry expectations.


Bryan continuously pushes himself to learn and grow professionally and personally. He encourages the team to strive for betterment in all areas.


Bryan thrives to be the best and has an acute awareness of the work it takes to get there. He expects excellence from ARYSE in order to provide the best products and services to clients.


Operating with clear objectives in mind, Bryan compels teammates to pursue a unified direction and purpose.


Bryan’s ability to make important decisions in a limited amount of time helps him transition thought into action. He is always supporting his teammates and helping them give life to their innovative ideas.