Curt Carlson

Curt is a founding owner of ARYSE. After his many years as a counselor and coach, Curt entered the world of start-ups. His experience-based insight continues to advance the vision of the ARYSE team. Curt has been married to his wife, Kay, for nearly fifty years. The couple are proud parents and grandparents to their three kids and thirteen grandchildren. When he is not in the office, you can find Curt traveling to visit family or watching his grandchildren play basketball.

Curt’s Clifton Strengths:

Strategic alignment occurs when individuals row in the same direction toward a shared vision. At ARYSE, we utilize the CliftonStrengths assessment tool to empower our team to be strengths-focused while setting and achieving goals.


Curt finds great satisfaction in establishing relationships and utilizing teamwork to achieve success.


Curt is driven by clear purpose and dedication to core values.


With a reputation for being trustworthy, Curt honors his commitments with willingness and reliability.


Curt pursues goals with decisive thinking and intentionality.


Committed to excellence, Curt operates with fairness and objectivity.