Vice President of Operations

Jade McCallum

As Vice President of Operations, Jade supports the vision of ARYSE through day-to-day need assessments, strategic planning, and goal-based operations management. Jade brings passion-led focus and determination to measure progress and adjust processes accordingly. Her attention to detail is appreciated as the culture and impact of ARYSE continues to grow.

Jade graduated from the University of Nebraska and found a career with the core values and growth opportunities she desired with ARYSE. She is one of four children and two in-laws and enjoys spending time with her siblings, running, or cheering on the Nebraska Huskers in her spare time.


Jade turns individual opinions into team objectives. She is goal-oriented and believes in the power of shared vision.


Jade is relationally focused. She finds deep satisfaction working with the ARYSE team to accomplish goals.


As Vice President of Operations, Jade provides consistent and reliable solutions to keep the growth of ARYSE on track.


Jade values structure and accountability in the workplace. She leads by example by staying disciplined within her operational role on the ARYSE team.


Through her belief in ARYSE and the team’s core values, Jade is able to lead the operations team with clear direction and purpose.