Chief Financial Officer

Mike Duweling

A graduate of California Polytechnic University, Mike Duweling adds nearly thirty years of accounting experience to the ARYSE team in his role as Chief Financial Officer. In this position, Mike uses his extensive industry knowledge to strategize and develop systems customized to the financial goals and objectives of ARYSE.

A husband and father to five children, Mike operates with the same core values inside and outside of the workplace. He enjoys staying active with his family and riding his road bike to the ARYSE office whenever the weather allows.


Mike believes effort should yield achievement. He works diligently to pursue professional and personal goals.


Mike takes ownership of his actions and oversees the financial components of ARYSE with honesty and integrity.


Motivated by achievement, Mike continually pursues excellence through hard work and goal-driven determination.


As a lifelong learner, Mike’s ability to learn and adapt empowers him to thrive in the dynamic work environment of ARYSE.


Mike understands the value of teamwork and seeks to develop strategic financial systems that are conducive to the ARYSE team.