Owner | Vice President of Manufacturing

Mike Nass

As Vice President of Manufacturing, Mike builds and maintains relationships with manufacturing partners worldwide, allowing ARYSE to offer a diverse range of high-quality and competitively-priced products. Skilled in identifying a problem and its source and building a path to the solution, Mike works diligently with our team to analyze systems and establish processes for a more efficient warehouse. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Mike has stayed local in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and their two daughters. Mike enjoys spending time with his girls and golfing.


Naturally drawn to the process of learning, Mike excels at implementing new and effective business strategies.


Mike uses his analytical strength to search for the cause behind the effect of setback.


Excited by new ideas and strategies, Mike is quick to learn and adapt to change.


Mike has the ability to relate to others and encourage them toward a common goal.


Mike is dependable. He thrives in roles that require discipline and accountability.