Owner | Vice President of Partnerships

Shelli McClintock

As Vice President of Partnerships for ARYSE, Shelli connects like-minded people and identifies potential partnerships. As a member of the ARYSE leadership team, Shelli believes possibilities start with people and has promoted an engaged work culture throughout her career in business networking. Shelli also utilizes her background in strength-based coaching to align individual talent with the unique hiring needs of the ARYSE team.

When Shelli is not working or spending time with her four nearly-grown children, she is probably attending a Husker game or watching her youngest daughter perform in local plays. Shelli recently built a home in Lincoln, Nebraska, close to her family. She also enjoys traveling to Chicago or Phoenix when time allows.


With a gift for talent recognition, Shelli is able to identify individual strength and strategically match need with talent.


Shelli’s ability to relate and respond to the needs of others empowers her to connect and merge beneficial partnerships.


With the big picture in mind, Shelli is able to spot potential concerns and resolve them with minimal conflict. Her restorative nature is a large contributor to the engaged culture of ARYSE.


Shelli is a visionary thinker with the capacity to move others to action.


As a cultivator of talent, Shelli believes in developing the potential in ARYSE team members and external partnerships.